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I Know How To Handle 'Stubborn' Women - Nacee

Spectr News Theme Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey
19 April, 2017

Some women will go the extra mile to tempt you and when you are not too strong like Josh Laryea and end up falling, they will loudly sing your mockery but you can’t try this with Nacee, the gospel musician because he has no tolerance for that.

Nacee was sharing his opinion on secular music as a Gospel Artiste on Joy Fm where he strongly agitated that secular music is not a sin and must not be chastised by the Christian community.

He indicated  that if Pastors can talk or write about sex and love there’s nothing wrong when Gospel Musician sing about such things too.

“It’s all about education… we’ve been in so many churches talking about it. That it is not wrong [to sing about love] … what if I wrote a book about sex, would you accept that one? Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has a book about sex and I think Pastor Otabil has books about sex and love and stuffs like that so what about that one is it because that one is written so it’s okay for you to accept that one?”.


The Award Winning producer who wrote ‘Me Ne Woa’ a love song, explained that “Bible says God is love. When we sing about love, you are already mentioning God…,”.

He also added that he is apt at managing how some women dubiously profess their love to him.

According to him despite receiving countless nude photos from women, he has not fallen for any. About his reaction to receiving such erotic photos, myjoyonline.com quoted him for saying that “When you do that I just block you,”

Source: JFM/Ghana


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